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Boxcast is the cryptocurrency podcast breaks the box to reveal what's really happen inside the cryptocurrency space. For our first season "bridging the gap", we're bridging the knowledge gap between privileged institutional investors and the rest of us - direct interviews with CEOs, Project leaders and developers in this space. Take us with you on the go, in the car and to the moon.

Ep1: Closer look at Binance

This Episode takes you inside Binance – the world’s biggest crypto-crypto exchange – with an interview from CEO ChangPeng “CZ” Zhao. We ask CZ about what he’s most excited about, whats going to happen to US customers of, and the Binance DEX. We also took some ask some tough questions from the community about market making and how to avoid imploding the Initial Exchange Offering space. 

ChangPeng Zhao "CZ"
CEO of Binance

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Ep1: Closer look at Binance